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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lego Beach House model 4996 time lapse speed build

My first time ever trying to do a Lego time lapse speed build. I love this model and it's super fun to LOOK at. My favorite Lego's right now are the models. Can't wait to get my hand on the next house.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Adon, Cody and Guy in Super Street Fighter IV. Plus Ibuki?

If you play Street Fighter then you know today is SUPER! 3 more characters confirmed and one hinted at from Street Fighter 3. I want Dudley Jimmy! Gutter trash!
Adon, Cody and Guy in Super Street Fighter IV. Plus Ibuki?

Sunday, June 7, 2009

E3 2009 Booth Babes Top 25

E3 2009 Booth Babes Top 25 Blog
Choke 6-6-09 http://www.gouki.com/e32009/boothbabes.html

Ah, booth babes. My favorite part of E3. Though I must admit I’ve become jaded as of late with the whole “taking pics with convention girls” deal which is a depressing topic if you give me some Jack Daniels and have a minute, they’re still a lot more fun to look at than the latest game I won’t be playing on the Xbox or PS3. So go on and enjoy the top 25 (and bottom 10) booth babe girls of E3 2009. Here are some random comments on some of the various babes:

G4TV: You gotta give it up to G4. I saw the contest on AOTS to be the booth babe for E3, and I had my doubts. I wasn’t completely sold on the pics they showed of the contestants, and I thought the fact that they were only bringing one of the group was absurd. Well lo and behold G4 brought an amazing lineup of all different types of girls (yes, I’m thinking ethnicity here) to satisfy anyone’s preference (did I mention all had short plaid skirts and heels on? If you’re reading this before seeing the pics you have problems. And if that didn’t convince you to go look now, you’re on the wrong page/site) Congrats G4. You win this year for best overall lineup.

Nyko: Loved the outfits and wigs personally. Redheads are weird for me, I think I like fake ones more than real ones most of the time, so Nyko apparently was catering their girls to my liking. One of the 4(?) is an absolute knockout (one of the girls in my #2 pic), and later we got a pic of her with her wig off and natural (hah!) blonde hair showing. Lovely.

Ubisoft: I know I said G4 won, but Ubisoft is also a winner here for having the best “natural” girls and “non-models” that for the purposes of this blog I’ll call “hosts.” Anyone who went to E3 in the past probably realized Nintendo used to own the hottest hosts award every year. Not sure what happened there. Nintendo’s girls for the most part this year were nasty and not worth of mention. Interesting to see what next year will bring. Will Nintendo strike back? Is Ubisoft the new king of this category? Time will tell.

Others: Thumbs up to Koei and Atlas for having very pretty Asians in shorts skirts (always a winner), with Atlas doing the cliché thing of having them in nurses outfits (no complaints here). Also always enjoy the sexy female agent and referee outfits. Win/win. Chris Gore, though potentially a no show (or unseen by us) still comes in at #25 and provides a great breaking point between the winners and….
Bottom 6: Some booths just don’t even try. “Hey guys, instead of putting time and effort in picking a booth babe that people will actually WANT to look at, let’s just grab any random girl off the street or janitorial staff and dress them up in a $5 costume, or better yet, since our game’s name is ‘DIRT’, we’ll just roll them around in some mud to make doubly sure no one will want to take a pic with them” Mega fail.


Thursday, May 28, 2009

Terminator Salvation Blog 5-23-09

Terminator Salvation – Thanks for nothing

Terminator Salvation Blog 5-23-09

I’ll try not ruin any of the movie for you. Lemme tell you right now I don’t like it. The story was bland and it didn’t intrigue me or thrill me or keep me on the edge of my seat. This is not a chase movie like the other Terminators this more like a straight action flick with TERRIBLE effects. Not all of the effects were bad, but when there was a bad effect it stood out like a glowing green screen with bad lighting. That really upset me. Anything other than the actual robots looked terrible. Hell there’s a scene with John sitting on a dirt mountain side that looked like McG let his kid Photoshop the background in.

The robots err the Terminator robots are what I want to see when I see a Terminator movie. Not a flying drone that just bumps into you while you are driving a jeep to get away.(I didn’t understand WTF was going on in that scene.) I don’t want to see a robot snake that swims through water that just grabs you by the face and then disappears into the water with your body. WTF? Oh PG-13 I forgot. McG = Asshole Reh-tard! You’re killing me, I was dying for this to be a good movie. Terminator 3 is amazing compared to this, but then again T3 is my idea of Terminator movie should be not Salvation which is a completely different style/brand.

What I did like and this might amaze you is … The acting. Christian Bale had me believing he was John Connor and not Batman fighting robots even though he couldn’t resist the Batman voice a few times. Sam Worthington was great also I enjoyed watching him and I liked the character idea, but they just didn’t really do enough with him. Also the young Kyle Reese was well done. Terminator Salvation really disappointed me and it’s not just because I took such a big hit on my HSX account, but because it was a bad movie overall. There’s gonna be two more of these now? Fuuuuuuuuuuuck.

Terminator Salvation – Had me leaving the theater disappointed

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Star Trek - Are you a Trekkie now Bitch?!

Star Trek Blog 5-12-09

Warning – I could spoil some parts of the movie for you right now! Read on.

Well when my girl is crying in the first five minutes you know it's captivating. Just right from the get go the visuals and action and story was extremely well done. I was locked in. Kirk getting in fights and rebelling against everyone and everything. The interactions with him and Bones is great. I don't want to say too much, but the conversations/dialogue is very funny.

There's great homage paid to old school Star Trek from the cell phone flip communicators, sound effects and fuck me the space battles. I love the tactical part of Star Trek more than anything else. Of course I always loved the stories/mysteries and this was no let down. It was well explained, the movie introduced and brought the characters to life in way that's going to hopefully make a new generation of Trekkies and force a sequel. At the end I was ready for another two hours. I'm not gonna lie to you Jimmy, I was excited at the end of this movie. I wanted to see more.

Spock ... I don't know ... it was hard to get pass the Syler face for me. But I think it was well done especially by the end of the movie. He certainly looked cool and the history of Spock was interesting, I knew at first he and Kirk did not get along. Like I said by the end of the movie you just wanna see more the interactions between characters ... something I always loved about Star Trek.

One thing you gotta look for if you haven't seen it yet. ***Spoiler*** There's a scene where Kirk is on the Romulan ship and jumps down to chase the bad guy ... look closely you can see a gun on the ground. Then some Jimmy jumps down and fights Kirk, Kirk grabs his gun, shoots him, then drops the gun in the same spot from the previous shot. Obviously a use to the same scene twice ... Check it out and confirm that for me!

So go see Star Trek on the big screen it's worth your 8-10 bucks ... It wouldn't hurt my HSX account either! Come Jimmy! Set your phasers on pwn!

Star Trek Officially Kicks Off Summer!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

X-men Origins: Wolverine - Please do not see this movie

Wolverine Blog 4-30-09

Warning – I could spoil the entire horrible movie for you right now! Read on.

Please do not go see Wolverine in the theaters. You’re killing my HSX(Hollywood Stock Exchange/HSX.com) account. No seriously I saw the bootleg version and it was terrible. If you’re an X-men fan you’re gonna be disappointed. If you’re a Wolverine fan you’re gonna wanna blow something up in Hollywood. Forget about it, IF YOU’RE A DEADPOOL FAN YOUR LIFE IS OVER!
The movie never feels right. The characters are there, but don’t treat you like you care about what the fuck is going. There’s one character that Sabertooth kills that you’re like afterwards … well that was worthless. Sabertooth is a bad ass killer and you send him after a guy that can switch light bulbs on and off. The Blob is in it … or is he? I thought they called him Omega earlier in the film. The character is terrible, he’s just a bummed out fat guy who beats people up in a boxing gym. Wolverine goes there and there’s a bullshit fight.
Sabertooth is decent but I’m sure fan boys like myself want to see this huge Jimmy in an orange and brown outfit with fur around the collar and giant claws just fuckin’ raipin’ anything he can get his hands on. Speaking of costumes, fuck you Hollywood I want to see Wolverine in the blue and yellow or brown or something fuck the leather jacket bullshit put him in his pwnn gear!!!
Gambit is one of my favorite Marvel characters of all time! I’d rather watch Bullseye in the daredevil movie. I really think they were just sitting in the executive offices of the studio and were like “We really need to get a popular character to draw in more people to the theater.” The answer was Gambit it didn’t matter who it was he was going to play a certain POINTLESS role in the movie and have absolutely no substance. Well that’s exactly what Gambit did, pointless, worthless, no Cajun accent! What the fuck?!?!
After I saw this I went and sold half my Wolverine stock on HSX.com unfortunately it’s gone up 30 dollars since then to 225$ Fuck! What that means is that Wolverine is expected to make around 225 millions dollars. I hope not. They need to make a better movie next time. Don’t support this. Please for the love of days, and comic book nerds, and people who play HSX do not see Wolverine. Save your 10 bucks!

Wolverine is Garbage!